´´ Where positive thinking, great planning and hard work combines…a quality life, unlocks there…“ is given by CEO/founder of Discovery World Trekking Mr Paul Gurung who is an honest, young professional with active working, dutiful and success tourism entrepreneur. He was born in Dhading-4, Sertung. The village is located at north-east of Nepal a beautifully magnificent region called “The Ganesh Himal (Ruby Valley)

He is a son of social worker Mr Bed Bahadur Gurung. He spent his childhood difficultly because of geographically difficulties in his village. Socio economic condition of his family was middle. He had passed SLC in good percentage from his own village due to his patience and hard work. He had to walk mountain up and down to go to school for four hours. He had always got first and second position in his class. He wanted to be an engineer. But, he couldn´t get opportunity due to his situation. He is the eldest among his sister and brother. He had so many duties for his family. So, he engaged in tourism sector. He was inspired about tourism since his childhood. Because, tourists has been coming in his village from his childhood.

Sociable and helpful Mr Gurung did assist. guide for one year in the beginning. Then he had worked as a trekking operator. He has visited in all trekking routes of Nepal during his operation. As a qualified licensee Sirdar (trekking guide), his 13 years of experience excels up with his numerous trekking and expedition experience. This expert´s area of experience additionally counts even with rafting, climbing and the high altitude trekking of the tourist clients and they are completely happy and satisfied with his extra-ordinary service and guidance as reference. As his background co-relates with the famous Ganesh Himal, Mr. Paul is naturally blessed to guide with his intelligence and ultimate in his work ethic due to which he is highly regarded throughout the Himalayan trekking industry. His service, knowledge and dedication are something that really makes an impeccable remark to every client who joins him. So he is the specialist of Himalayan trekking and adventures.

To the extent, Mr Paul had resided in Australia for past 6 years and has an impressible knowledge of Australian cuisine and culture too which is an additional score for the clients who basically are for Australia. During the journey, his fluent English could help every visitor to understand the background, history and culture information of the respective areas. He had never thought that he could go Australia before. But lucky he got chance to go to Australia. He had felt very difficult in the beginning because of unknown system of Australia. After one year he could establish due to his struggle.  He had experienced as a chef during journey of Australia. He also organised rafting, trekking and climbing in Australia. He had participated in marathon at high building. Influencing his work, Discovery channel of Australia had also taken interview.  In the interview, he shared about the mountains of Nepal. It´s result of only focusing to his duties. Thus, he has got more experience and knowledge about tourism. He has returned back to do better in Nepal. So he has established Discovery World Trekking Company in Thamel since 2012. Non-politician Mr Gurung is well established tourism entrepreneur now. Most of the clients are from Australia. But he wants to serve clients from all over the world. In a short period of time, his company is running very well. It is the result of well experience in tourism sector.

Positive thinker Mr Gurung is going to do love marriage in near future. He knows very well about the meaning of love. He wants to spend more time in his carrier than his personal life. Remaining time he wants to spend with his family. He looks like a man who has born only for working. Less talkative Mr Gurung is always given first priority to his duties. He believes and trusts to work rather than talk. He also defined as ´´life is duty“ and he also wants to bring changes in the tourism sector of Nepal providing perfect services for tourists. In conclusion, he has seen great future in tourism so he is always committed in this field. He also wants to be a good social worker in upcoming days.