Doti declared defecation free district

Dolit, July 13: Doti has been declared an open defecation free district amidst an official gathering on Wednesday. Witht his, 41 districts of the country have been so far declared open defecation free zones. The declaration was made at a programme held at district headquarters Silgadhi on the presence of wider stakeholders. On the occasion,

Prince Harry welcomed in Pokhara

British Prince Harry was accorded a warm welcome when he landed at the Pokhara Airport on Tuesday. High government officials including the Chief District Officer of Kaski district, Hari Prasad Mainali, received Harry when he arrived at the airport from a Nepali Army helicopter. From the airport, Prince Harry proceeded towards the British Camp at

Mumbai temple to mobilise gold

The 200-year-old Shree Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai has said it will deposit a portion of its gold hoard with a bank by the end of the month for recycling, responding to a government campaign to monetise some of the country’s thousands of tonnes of privately owned stocks of gold and cut costly imports. Officials from

Tourism In Nepal

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