First batch of Chinese tourists get free visas

Nepal has formally implemented the on-arrival visa fee-free policy for Chinese tourists.The first batch of the Chinese mainland tourists received the free on-arrival travel visa at the Consulate General of Nepal in Lhasa in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, on January 1.The new policy is only applicable to tourist visas.On December 25, the government had

Peace, stability India’s only concern in Nepal: Rae

Ambassador of India to Nepal Ranjit Rae today said India’s only concern in Nepal was to see peace and stability restored in the country. Addressing an interaction on ‘Nepal India friendly relations and present context’ by Nepal-India Women Friendship Society here today, Ambassador Rae said he was surprised that a big Nepali leader said that

Nepal placed on top of 10 must-see countries

Jan 6, 2016- Nepal has been placed at the number one spot in the list of 10 countries to visit this year by UK-based Rough Guides, one of the leading travel publishers in the world. “With varied landscapes—from the Himalayas to jungles inhabited by tigers, elephants and rhinos—Nepal should be your first choice for travel

Tourism Minister Amatya Resigned From His Post.

TH Reporter- Tourism Minister Dipak Chandra Amatya has resigned from His Post. No clearance has been given by the party and PM office about his resignation. He was in light through many issues from the time he was in post. He had been saying to his party CPN UML time to time that he is

Mountain Flights Gradually Increasing From Zero

TH Reporter- Mountain flight in Nepal was once most chosen adventurous activities. Thousands of tourists used to go mountain flight to see the high ranged mountains, which gives unbeaten view. But the devastating earthquake of Baishak 12th made number of tourists flying to the mountains zero. There used to be dozens of mountain flights daily but

50% Of Internal Flights Has Been Cut Off By Private Airline Companies Of Nepal

TH Reporter- After destructive earthquake 50% of the private national airlines has cutoff their services. There are many passenger who leave Kathmandu valley but in return it’s hard to find one passenger who want to land in Kathmandu valley. Marketing manager of Simrik Airlines Prawjol Thapa said, “We get good number of passengers when we leave

Six Crores Required For Infrastructure Development of Tourism Village

TH Reporter- Government has taken its step to develop four tourism villages that were mostly affected by the earthquake. Tourism council has purposed six crores plan for the necessary infrastructure development with National Planning Commission. Council is going to develop Langtang of Rasuwa, Manaslu of Gorkha, Helambu of Sindhupalchowk and Gaurisankhar of dolakha. Council will

Government is Introducing New Programs for Recovery of Tourism through Private Sectors

After the earthquake most of the tourism areas in Nepal are affected. In this condition private sectors are working hard for the recovery of the tourism. Government is planning to introduce attractive programs for Tourism related private sectors. In this program there are plans like government giving tax free service for the equipment’s that are

Tourism In Nepal

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