Tourists throng Madi, Seti rivers for rafting

Damauli, October 15 With the monsoon drawing to a close creating the perfect rafting conditions, there has been a steady pour of tourists eager to navigate the rapids of the Madi and Seti rivers. Tourists from England, France, America, China and Spain, among other countries, have recently been coming to experience rafting in Nepal. Rinku

Rafting organised in Bagmati to mark 172nd clean-up campaign

A rafting programme was organised alongside the Hatyamochan Ghat to Guheshwari Temple of the Bagmati River on the occasion of 172nd week of Bagmati River Clean-up Campaign. A total of 170 persons, including parliamentarians, heads of the various diplomatic missions in Kathmandu, high-ranking officials of Nepal Police and Nepal Army in 21 boats enjoyed the

River control plan lies dead for lack of chief

Apr 12, 2016- – KAMAL PANTHI, The Karnali River Control Project lies dead because it has no project head. The post of project head has remained vacant for more than two months, and there is no one to carry out administrative and embankment related tasks at the project based in Rajapur in western Nepal. Ministerial