Chhabi Phuyal is a successful tourism entrepreneur. He believes life is as simple as it can be lived and as high as it is thought. He is an exuberant person who defines ambitious personality. He is successful in his career who gave a rightful spot for himself in tourism industry. Phuyal was born in Kavresthali VDC recently Tarkeshwor Municipality. He got through many ups and downs of the life but as he is a persistent person he never gave up and finally lived his dreams. Phuyal is a person who is always cooperative in his work. He has some special qualities of helping, understanding, creating an environment of brotherhood, developing new and creative ideas, giving quality service to tourists etc. by which he has achieved this level of success today. Phuyal says that tourism is valuable treasure of Nepal. If we can take tourism in right way it can play important role in nation building. In his view, “The Tourism Entrepreneurs are a valued possession of our nation. Without them, there can be no reconstruction and development program. Without them, there can be no future.


Phuyal gave his 23 years of lifetime to develop tourism industry in Nepal. When we ask him reason about his strong dedication towards it, he says tourism is something that plays an important role in developing economy of the country and he liked tourism from the beginning. Chhabi Phuyal who is Executive Director of My Nepal Adventure Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. When talks about success he says, “Success is something that can’t be given to anybody, it can’t be gifted. Success seekers should find and recognize the way that leads to success then walk towards it. Success needs strong determination and hard work. There are many stories of problems faced for achieving success and facing problems makes us strong.” It is said that one who aims summit should rise and walk if he falls. Humans got potential of being anything and doing accordingly.

If Phuyal is asked the reason for his company being so popular among tourists he says, we explore ourselves through travel exhibitions and organize door to door meetings. We have a team of expertise who provide best quality service to the tourists. The secret behind his successful career is his strong dedication towards it. He says, we should be enthusiastic towards our work. Just by doing business is not enough to be successful. One should be completely into it and he should be able to give a quality and self-less service. Phuyal has visited more than 22 different countries like USA, UK, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Turkey, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, and some European countries too. His organization is affiliated to many National associations like Nepal Association for Tour & Travel Agents, Pacific Asia Travel Association, Nepal Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Kathmandu Environmental Education Project etc. in Nepal and he is Advisor of Shree Puja Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd. In recent days many types of meetings and discussions are organized after the devastating earthquake in Nepal. When we ask him what should be done for betterment of tourism in this context he says, 80% of possibilities of tourism are still alive; some of the heritages needs to be reconstructed and as soon as it is done and tourism in Nepal will take the same speed as it was before. Human life has many stages. A person has to play different role on what is demanded, sometimes he has to be a businessman, sometimes social workers, parent, teacher, student, a husband, mother etc. we have to act how life wants us to. Phuyal is also active in social works. His mother passed away before 4 years in early age and he don’t want others to go through same sense of pain so for helping the ones who are sick and can’t afford to cure, he has opened Bhim Kumari Phuyal Memorial Trust. As Chhabi said, she always influenced her children for social works. He is running trust by the fund generated by profit of his companies like My Nepal Adventure Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd., Outdoor Expeditions Pvt. Ltd., Redcap Trading and Master Technology and there are 17 members related to this trust. He get many help from his brothers, they are Rajaram, Saroj and Deepak.This Trust is established for sake of helping needy peoples. They recently helped victims of flood in Sindhupalchowk – an eastern district nearby Nepal-China border, on 7 September 2014 through PATA and most recently the earthquake victims of different places. They helped many homeless victims. They distributed daily materials like tarpaulins, Rice, Blanket, Soaps, Food Items etc. for 350 families of ward no 4, 5, 6, 14 and 16 of Tarkeshwor Municipality. They helped more than 70 families in Nuwakot, 175 families of Tamangs and Bhujels community of Lapsiphedi 5, Kathmandu {recently Sankharapur Municipality} with daily usable items and food materials, and 30 families in Sindhupalchowk district. They distributed Cycles, biscuits and other food materials to students of Nepal Children Organization, Naxal, Kathmandu.


In recent days trust is studying the condition of rural areas near and outside Kathmandu valley and planning to help some schools there. Trust is planning to run an Ambulance service in upcoming days. This trust was established on January, 2013 and from the day of its establishment they are continuously doing series of social works. Phuyal says, we are always ready to help those who are in need. He has recently made some donation to the Prime Ministers’ Relief fund through National Tourism Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal. If persons like Phuyal exists in, then humanity and social serving heart will never be extinct from society. From the life of Chhabi Phuyal, we can acknowledge that struggle give strength. Enthusiastic and Confident people with Good Character having Big Dreams and high self-esteem and who are Curious and Embraces Possibility can only achieve success in their life.

Diwakar Aryal(Editor-in-Chief)