Trekking Mart Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Behind Amrit Science Campus, Thamel-29 P.O. Box: 20515, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact no.: 977-9851093450
Contact Person: Gopal Babu Shrestha

 Since long, Trekking Mart is a recognized trekking company in Nepal. Our experiences and service qualities are remarkably credible. We help our guests choose from multiple itineraries taking to ancient heritages, natural wonders and thrilling trails. Our long experience has made us expert in analyzing our client’s varied needs and expectations. We are proud to be a reliable travel partner in the trips of your lifetime.

We are the local Himalaya expert
Our 20(+) years of experience on trekking tourism make us an expert of Nepal's Himalaya and cross countries. We employ locally hired professional and dedicated staffs all from administration, crew members and airport representative. We encourage you to travel like a local and evaluate the value of money. Without any compromised service, we offer our trip in reasonable price as compare to many other larger companies. We ensure your best possible experience with the protection of your life and money.

We care for your safety
While travelling with Trekking Mart, your safety is our utmost importance. We never compromise in your health and safety factor. We have selected guides on the basis of their knowledge, technical proficiency and impeccable judgment, and safety skills. They are well trained in first aid and use of personal protection equipment. As, most of them are locals, they know how to handle the emergency cases. In other hand, we offer you the itinerary with enough time for acclimatization.

We offer flexible itinerary
Trekking Mart has right option for you to choose your own trip. Most of our popular trips have fixed departure dates but if our set dates are not convenient for you then, you have better option to plan your own date, trip days and budget range. We organize private trip for all groups and individuals, best suited for couples and families.

Service quality
By the ultimate effort of professional and skilled manpower, we provide quality and an efficient service in best of Nepal has to present. As tourism is hospitality and service oriented activity, your top level of satisfaction is our prime concern. Best service and reception to our guest is our cultural theme. We do respect of our culture and your expectations too.

Your financial protection
We are a registered trekking company authorized by 'Government of Nepal', 'Tourism and Civil Aviation Department', 'Nepal Tourism Board' and other legal departments. So your pay in advance or any money paid prior the trip is fully protected.

Long years of experience
Trekking Mart is organized and managed by the personnel of over 15 years of experience in trekking and tourism related service organization. So, with the full of commitment, the experienced, qualified and skillful team is in your service for your best experience. Because, we have a lot to offer you, have many ways to fill your needs.

Recommended by travellers has rated us 52 out of 367 activities in Kathmandu, which is a good rate. Based on the best experience of our previous visitors from all round the world, they reviewed us an excellent trekking company in the town. For detail, visit our Trekking Mart private Day Tours

Tailor-made itinerary and price
Trekking Mart is a tailor-made travel and adventure expert of Nepal. With the years of experience, we can plan your holiday trip on best possible itinerary in reasonable price. So, if you are not able to find your appropriate date and destination in our planned itineraries then, let us help or custom your own trip. We do design your entire holiday with individual quotes based on your itinerary, travel time, requirements and interest.

Personal service
We encourage anyone who is interested in a trekking, tour, safari and adventure sports and want to get in contact to discuss requirements and expectations, so that we can give you suggestions based on our knowledge of the areas and time of year you would like to travel.

Reliable and Responsible
We believe we have a responsibility to all our customers. From your arrival day to the departure day after you have completed your journey safely and enjoyably, we are fully responsible over you. Providing safety and security of your feeling is our commitment and duty too.

We operate all trips in environmentally friendly way, which has minimum impact on the natural environment. We encourage and promote interaction with local cultures, enriching the experience of the visitor and contributing socially and economically to local communities.

We have food network of tour operators, hoteliers and transporters throughout Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. All these principle suppliers are committed to providing the highest quality services and guidance.

Our commitment to social and cultural values
Nepal is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country. Even though there is diversity, you can find integrity in diversity here. We offer greater understanding for cross-cultural understanding and chance to celebration as well.

We do respect local culture and ethnic lifestyle. So, at some places, you should be conservative in your dress and wearing pattern. Mostly at temple, monasteries and villages, short and skimpy clothes are offensive to locals. Please ask before taking someone's photo, do respect their ethics and privacy. Trekking Mart does not believe in discrimination against anyone in terms of their color, religion, nationality or cast. Every person, every society and all cultural values are our products that we can sell to you. We promise to conserve them and this is our responsibility.

Free trekking bag
Everyone joining Trekking Mart's trip, we provide a trek bag with name and logo of Trekking Mart. These bags are especially effective for long trek. All have to return the bag after they return from the trek.


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