Encouraging signs from 1st round tiger count in Parsa Wildlife Reserve

The number of tigers in the Parsa Wildlife Reserve has increased to 16, according to the recently concluded first round of tiger count. During the tiger census conducted in 2014-15, the number of big cats in the reserve was 10.

The Parsa Wildlife Reserve, which covers 637.37 sq kilometres, was divided into 166 units to conduct tiger census.

Camera trapping method was applied to count the number of tigers in the reserve. The number in 2013-14 stood at seven.

Two more rounds of count will be performed before completing the census, according to the National Trust for Nature Conservation, Amlekhgunj.

The census is supported by the Zoological Society of London, Nepal chapter and the NTNC, Conservation Officer Sashank Poudel said.

The reserve covers up forest areas in Parsa, Bara and Makwanpur districts.

The last census put the number of tigers in Nepal at 198.ekantipur