Meeting with specialist in place branding and destination marketing

Som Sapkota,

An informal meeting and discussion was held with Hjörtur Smarason is a specialist in place branding and destination marketing. It was an informal meeting which was held at my private residence and Office of the NTB-HPRR, Copenhagen, Denmark on Monday December 13, 2016. The discussion was specially related to place branding and destination marketing. The agendas of the meeting were sharing general ideas about status of Nepalese community in Denmark, Nepal-Denmark Iceland relations and its support to Nepal’s tourism promotion and business. The discussion also focused about the role of NTB in tourism promotion through the local HPRR in Denmark, the future plans and activities highlight the ways to create environment more tourist arrival in Nepal. The HPRR in Denmark collaboration with Danish and Icelandic journalists are planning organized   a special fam trip to Nepal in October 2017. I will talk to my contacts at DR and in Iceland Journalist. We will also be looking the possibility of organizing a special trip with bloggers and digital media influencers. We are also planning to set up special event Nepal Tourism Promotion campaign with presence his highness crown prince of Denmark in Copenhagen, Denmark. We will meet with the Nepali embassy of Denmark in January to discuss further progress. We are planning g to organize Visit Nepal Europe campaign closing ceremony in Denmark in December 2017 or January 2018.

Setting up a workshop for place branding and tourism management in Pokhara which has great potential in becoming the true adventure capital of the world if we managed appropriately.  The potential sponsors for this event are city authorities as well as stakeholder such as businessman, travel and trekking agents, tour operators, hotels, and tourism sectors other types of investors. – Setting up an event with the Danish Scouts, which is a large organization with a high number of outdoor travelers. whereas I handed over promotional materials, pin of ATITHI DEWO BHAWA PIN and documents to Mr. Hjörtur Smarason and he is happy to assist the embassy, the NRNA and the Nepal Tourism Board to promoting tourism sector in Nepal.  He is also happy to   further support for the development and growth of tourism in Nepal. We also discussed the importance of finding sponsors to cover the cost of his work. The meeting is very good and fruitful. It is concluded with a positive note to hold again on important occasions for promoting Nepal tourism promotion in Iceland and Denmark and as well as a whole Europe.

I am presenting a short bio data or introduction:

About Mr. Hjörtur Smarason who is a specialist in the area of place branding and destination marketing. Mr. Hjörtur, a frequent speaker at conferences and events around the world in the topics of place branding, storytelling, media relations and crisis management has worked with a number of adventure destinations in the Arctic, Balkans and Asia. He is the founder and CEO of Scope Communications, as well as co-founder of Phønix, the international place branding panel and co-author of the place branding manifesto. Hjörtur and his partner Inga Ros Antoniusdottir worked with the Nepal Tourism Board in July 2015 on the strategies for Nepal.  The post-earthquakes, there is progress in tourist arrival in Nepal. We ran several workshops on storytelling, digital media and media relations which would certainly boost up Nepal’s tourism sector.

Sapkota is a Honorary Public Relations Representative for Denmark  of Nepal Tourism Board