Nilam Bastola (director)

 Nil hari Bastola (Nilam) grew up in the town of Necha. His parents were daily wage labourers working on the land of others. There were times when the family had neither a home nor anything to eat.When Nilam reached the age of 17 he decided to search for a better future in the capital. Years of hard work in hazardous industrial environments followed until a friend offered Nilam the chance to work as a porter for a trekking company. Nilam soon learnt the business and discovered countless treks throughout Nepal. Despite the benefits of the trekking industry his job would not secure his future. Strong competition among porters and Nilam’s limited educational background created uncertainty. With the support of people in the Netherlands Nilam started to study English and History in the off season and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1999.
Meanwhile, Nilam enrolled in the official trekking guide training and became a tour leader. After working with renowned international tour operators Nilam founded Asian Heritage Treks & Expeditions in 2004. The agency grew rapidly with the support of an emerging network in the Netherlands. Capitalising on his success, Nilam invested in 4 new companies: Asian Heritage Tours and Travel, Asian Heritage Treks and Expedition, Asian Heritage Import- and Export and Nepal Apartment and Hotel. The Asian Heritage Group was established. The group is doing well and in 2008 Nilam felt it was time share benefits of his economic success with marginalized people in Nepal, starting where his roots lie: South Solukhumbu. Nilam initiated Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal to improve the quality of life of many of the underprivileged people of Nepal.