open minded and man of professionalism: Mr Sapkota

A young spirit in tourism having vast experiences in trekking and tours, Mr Ram (Kamal) Sapkota always emphasize on quality tourism. Where ever the trekkers go, he believes that they should feel the trip is made for them and gets excellent services. Quality does not indicate only for the high profile trips.

Sapkota is always one step further to respond the queries and problems of the trips he handle. He is basically from Jyamrung Dhading and came in tourism from his early life career, where he not only established himself but also supported a lot others to establish in this sector. He is an open minded person, familiar, co-operative and has charming personality. He is a man of professionalism, having complete sense of social services along with his organized tours and treks. Everybody calls him as a successful tourism entrepreneurs but he says, he has to do more…of course more than this. He began his career from the root and he wants to be extended up to the horizon to overcome his dream.

school kamal

When Ram was leading trekking groups, he saw something glittering…something that could transform him to be a successful entrepreneur and finally he established Mountain Delights Treks and Expedition. With miss to provide a positive example for Nepali trekking companies. Main air to maintain an economically competitive company that takes small margin of profit in order to provide excellent t working condition and benefits for our staff and local people we visit.we provide socially progressive service and positive experience for our host and clients. We respect environment and cultural awareness and maintain sustainable business practices.

Ram and his company won social entrepreneurship award 2011 in Nepal and sustainable tourism inspiring story competition for whole Asia and many other award and application letter  from tourism ,education and health setor.



Furthermore, his hard dedication and a perfect team work has made him not-to-look-back person. It is also “a well commanding factor”, which helped him to manipulate his professionalism and a family responsibility.


During the trekking and tours, he has reached almost all the trekking regions of Nepal, from less adventurous to extremely adventurous destinations. It helped him a lot to understand the problems in this sector and acknowledged the diverse cultural pattern of the societies. His well management skill led him to the summit of success. Beginning a career from trekking industry, he accelerated himself into hotel and resort business. His new hotel begins to give services from this month.


There are thousands of people engaged in tourism and how did he managed to become a renowned one?

“Visiting different countries like Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia China, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway , Holland, and others country  made him easy to understand the cultural values and variations in different corner of the world. He applied his wide knowledge in tourism, especially in trekking, tours, hotels and others. He could understand the cultural values of westerners and of Nepalese, so that he could avoid the cultural clashes.

Ram (Kamal) Sapkota, beside the tourism business, has involved in non-profitable activities for the upliftment of the societies. He is also a founder of Tukee Nepal, which organization has been doing a lot in different villages. From his effort with a teamwork support, there has been the establishment of health posts, school buildings and classrooms, teachers, scholarships for the laborious students, providing vocational trainings for women and run cooperative and many more. For this, he also gets support from Sweden, USA and others. He wants to make his villagers independent. During the devastating earthquake of 2015, he organized different campaigns and helped people for their shelter, foods, medicines and safe drinking water. More than thousands of families directly used this help.  He also involve in lions club, red cross and many other social organization.

For the upcoming tourism entrepreneurs, Ram suggests not compromise in the services to tourists. He adds, “because of them we could run our business well”. Doing things with good vibes lead you to the success is his argument.