Organic production stressed to discourage pesticides’ use

Kathmandu, Jan 9 (RSS): Goods and Service Consumers Protection Federation held a campaign Monday, demanding minimization of pesticide on agricultural products.
Over use of pesticides will decrease soil fertility and cause negative impact on environment and human health. There are short terms benefits from the use of pesticides, but it will not be good for humans and nature on the long-run, the Federation said.
The campaign held under the theme of ‘Save Nature and Health.’ On the occasion, former minister Modnath Prashrit insisted on the need of promoting organic production in the country rich in natural diversities and herbs and continuing our indigenous knowledge and skills for production.
Historian Dr Surendra KC was of the view that organic production was the identity of Nepal, seeking discouragement in the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides.
Federation chair Romlal Giri demanded government intervention to promote organic farming.