Pokhara Lekhnath metropolis to be declared ‘no horn zone’

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Pokhara, June 30: Following a ‘successful’ implementation of ‘no horn’ rule in Kathmandu, the Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City will become a next place for the same.

The rule that will ban blowing horns except for emergency in the metropolitan city will come into effect from July 16.

Under this rule, vehicles are not allowed to blow horns in designated areas in the city.
The motive aims to reduce noise pollution, said mayor of the metropolis Man Bahadur GC at a press conference in Kaski today. He also appealed to all to help with the campaign.

“Cables of electricity, telephone cables dangling haphazardly from poles thus degrading the beauty of the city will be managed gradually. And in the first place, the campaign will start from main bazaar of Mahendrapul, Prithivi Chowk and Lekside,” he said.

According to him, 27 kilometers concrete road within the metropolitan city will be repaired by 15th July and islands of five feet long will be constructed on the road at various areas in the city.

While the city would be declared a smart city soon by constructing needed physical infrastructures with the purview of constitutional rights provided to local bodies, initiations would also be taken to control stray animals, he said. RSS