Trekking in Himalayas Nepal-Kedar Neupane

Kedar Neupane

-Trekking in Himalayas Nepal Trekking is one of the best way of experiencing the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Nepal. Thousands of trekkers visit nepal each year to capture the spirit of adventure. Nepal is the best travel destination for adventure package tours where travelers /adventure seekers will enjoy with Nepal cultural heritage, people and their warm hospitality. Trekking is located in the eastern part of Nepal and these are the most famous trekking routes. Treks on the Everest region take you through a nostalgic route of historic importance followed by the famous expeditions of the fifties and sixties. Not only does the trek bring you closer to the highest mountain on earth, but also to the equally famous sherpas and their culture and religion. No wonder this is regarded as the mecca to all trekkers and mountaineers of the world. Backpack trekking is popular in areas where one would tent, coock individually or in groups. Usually you make your backpack lighter by carying limited food and clothes required during the trekking period. Self-arranged trekking can easily be done by contacting the local people for support in porters, food and accommodation. Sherpas are popular choice for self arranging trekking in Everest and Annapurna region. All responsibly for arrangements including security and comfort can be given to the trekking agency or operators. This is expensive but is a favorite choice for first time trekkers. Trekking routes can be graded based on levels of exertion and difficulty. Trekking equipment includes water, a camera, spare clothing and perhaps a waterproof jacket. For treks where you stay in tents, you arrive at each campsite to find your tents up and waiting for you, giving you more time to admire the stunning scenery that surrounds you. We feel that it is important to tell you that we have worked with our Nepalese partners for over 25 years, finding that they provide a high standard of care to trekkers and porters alike. We care deeply about our porters welfare and our leaders check regularly that standards are maintained. In nepal, our easiest trek is a 16 day holiday of which five nights are spent in tea houses, simple Nepali lodges offering basic but clean accommodation. Even at a height of 12,000 to 14,000 feet in secluded valleys, there are small village settlements tending their flocks of sheep and goats or herds of yaks of nomadic shepherds and gujjars. As a result, there are people on the trail to guide and help you – the trekkers. Most provisions of necessity are also available in these small hamlets. Even in the remote areas one can easily mix with the people and ‘live off the land”. Most westerners find it difficult to comprehend this aspect and visualize their trekking trips to be the same as those organized in their national parks or in wilderness areas of their respective countries. Almost all the Himalayan valleys are full of rural settlements and the population gradually thins out with the rise in altitude. One always finds people on the trekking trails and there is an abundance of information as to trekking routes and directions. Hill people are traditionally very hospitable and this adds pleasure to trekking in the Himalayas more than anywhere else. Some people believe that trekking in the Himalayas is a climbing trip where they have to negotiate rocky cliffs, thick jungles and uncharted routes. In almost all Himalayan regions, the local people have well developed trails. There are routes from one village to the other, between adjoining mountain pastures and across well defined high altitude passes, where people travel from one valley to another for trade, cultural exchanges, religious activities and inter- marriages. Trekking is the gift of Nepal to the world in adventure tourism. To be one with nature, to regenerate one’s own self-esteem, to rediscover oneself, to appreciate Nepal’s beauty, to interact with its hospitable and friendly peoples are some of the highlights. Trekking is one long-term activity that draws repeat visitors to the country. Therefore, Nepal is the ultimate destination for the trekking enthusiast. It offers a myriad of possibilities – from the ‘short and easy’ walking excursions to the ‘demanding and strenuous’ challenges of the snowy peaks and their foothills and valleys. But however easy, or moderate, or strenuous, there is something for every palate that goes with trekking in Nepal’s hills, mountains and hinterlands. The most rewarding way to experience Nepal’s indomitable combination of natural beauty and cultural riches is to walk through the length, breadth and the altitudes. Trekking in Nepal is as much a unique cultural experience as well as an ultimate Himalayan adventure. TAAN